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Superman Comics For Sale
Superman Comic Book Sales - Superman Comic Book Auctions

Below you will find the latest Superman comic books auctions and Superman comic books for sale. ZARZAR LAND carries the latest Superman comic books for sale based on investor interest and our listings are updated in real time from the leading comic book sources from the ZARZAR LAND network. If you are looking for the latest Superman comic books auctions, Superman comic books sales, and Superman comic books for sale, then you have come to the right place right here on ZARZAR LAND - the Internet's #1 high end comic books auction seller!

The comics world delivered a symbolic one-two punch when Superman known as the Man of Steel and just three days later, Batman known as the Caped Crusader fetched record-setting million dollar prices at comic book sales. Suddenly, by the record sale prices, comics as a collectible were being mentioned in the same breath as diamonds, gemstones, and paintings. The twin sales garnered headlines worldwide. And all the while, longtime comics scholars and non-geeks alike mouthed the question with dropped jaws: why are people suddenly paying seven figures or over a million dollars for comic books? Specially comic books that retailed for 10 cents when they hit the news stands, by the way, and even just a few decades ago sold for only $100 United States Dollars.

Many people do not realize that these comic books are extremely rare and "very fine" condition comics that are filled with history: Superman debuted in Action Comics No. 1 issue from 1938 (record price: $1.5 million United States Dollars) and "The Batman" first appeared in comic books in Detective Comics No. 27 issue from 1939 (new record price: $1,075,500 United States Dollars). But really? Over one million dollars? The previous record was only $317,000 United States Dollars.

The truth is that you see people worried about the stock market and real estate and wondering what to invest in for the future or for diversification purposes. For people who love this material or have the foresight to see years down the road, you realize comic books are actually a great investment. Thus, these are high profile sales that focus on blue chip investments, similar to the sale of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers".

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