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Looking for that ultimate safe haven investment? Then look no further than palladium and real estate as the ultimate safe haven asset! With the global financial meltdown and economic crisis in full force during the last few years, palladium showed its true worth as it increased in price as other asset classes where decreasing in value.

There are many reasons to make palladium a core part of your investment portfolio, especially during periods of economic turmoil:

*Palladium possesses a unique status as both a means of exchange and a commodity with fundamental demand.

*As a physical asset, palladium has no counterparty risk.

*Since the year 2000 palladium prices have rallied big time helping smart investors to significantly increase their wealth!

*Palladium is a superior investment during times of inflation. Quite simply, the issuance of more Government debt to fund the trillions of dollars in bank bailouts and economic stimulus increases the risk of long term inflation, similarly to the 1970's when enormous federal spending led to rampant inflation as high as over 20% by the early 1980's. Unlike a currency, which can be debased when more of it is printed, the supply of palladium essentially does not change without the market taking into account the estimated quantity of palladium that is underground and minable. As a result, palladium prices increase in inflationary times along with real estate such as land.

*Palladium is even rarer than gold.

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