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Lotus Elise Cars For Sale
Lotus Elise Car Sales - Lotus Elise Car Auctions

Future Lotus Cars

When driving is in your blood, you can not help but feel your pulse beat stronger when you catch sight of the new generation cars from Lotus. Powerful, sleek and stirring, they are the result of Lotus doing what it has always done with an undisputed passion: innovation. Always pushing the boundaries of what is possible both on and off the track. When you take the wheel of the latest models to carry the Lotus badge, you will instinctively feel the spirit and power of this heritage surround you. Lotus Engineering that makes the most efficient use of the minimum number of parts. Lotus Design built around a perfectly balanced chassis. A car and an experience like no other. From the original Lotus Elite to the lightweight bonded chassis of the new generation Lotus Evora, the principle is the same. Drive with passion.

The All New Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise will continue in the true tradition of the award winning namesake. Agility, performance and style taken to a new edge with the latest incarnation of the Lotus Elise supercar. Incredible driving chassis, class leading emissions and the trademark of the Lotus Elise: incredible handling.

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Lotus Cars For Sale
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