New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

Join supermodel and famous fashion model Martha Hunt with her updated 2019 New York City apartment tour, showing the first phase of apartment renovations and interior design: closets, wall demolition, shelves, new furniture – basically 5 months of apartment renovations and apartment redesign in beautiful New York City.

Wilson, North Carolina native Martha Hunt was discovered at a model search in nearby Charlotte. Her big break arrived swiftly during the Spring 2013 collections season after she walked in runway shows for Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Tom Ford. Inez & Vinoodh photographed Hunt for a series of Miu Miu campaigns after she appeared in the Italian design company’s show in Paris, and again for an issue of V Magazine.

Perhaps best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Hunt has appeared in the company’s annual runway show, as well as countless print and television advertisements for the intimate apparel behemoth. Hunt has also fronted campaigns for Hugo Boss, Y3, Max & Co., and Albion Cosmetics, photographed by Glen Luchford, Alasdair McLellan, Josh Ollins, and Mario Testino, respectively.

Hunt has graced the covers of the international editions of L’Officiel, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, and appeared in editorial features for the aforementioned, styled by Carine Roitfeld, among others. She has also appeared in Glamour, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Off-duty, Hunt is an avid supporter of Duke’s Children’s Hospital. She also enjoys listening to music, practicing yoga, and spending time with her pet dog named Bear. Hunt is a budding writer, though she admits to thinking that ‘y’all’ was a real contraction.

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019

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Above: The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019.

The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019

With the current stock market bull run reaching nearly 10 years in length, it’s understandable that many investors are nervous about the end of the party coming sooner than later. However, as UBS notes in its latest report, there is also growing concern about another prominent bubble that has been in the works since the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Large amounts of easy money have fueled real estate bubbles in the world’s major cities, and the Swiss investment bank UBS now sees the property markets in six global cities as being at risk.

The Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In The World.
The Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In The World.

Hong Kong tops the “Real Estate Bubble” index this year. Any city with a score over 1.5 is considered at “Bubble Risk”, and right now those include two cities from Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), one from Asia (Hong Kong), and three from Europe (Amsterdam, London, and Munich in Germany). It is also very important to note that there are four cities that score just under the 1.5 real estate bubble threshold: Stockholm, Paris, San Francisco in California, and Frankfurt in Germany.

Above: The Most Expensive Real Estate In The United States: San Francisco Or New York?

Whether it is a real estate housing bubble or not, many real estate investors agree that San Francisco’s housing situation is still a crisis. In the San Francisco Bay Area, approximately 60% of all rental units are in rental controlled buildings, and the median single family house price is an incredible $1.7 million United States Dollars.


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Which Cities Hold Africa’s Wealth?

Africa’s Evolving Economy

The economy in Africa is on the rise, and financial hubs are beginning to slowly emerge. While Africa has traditionally played a minor role in the world market and global economy, the continent is coming into its own as a hub for financial services and entrepreneurship. Africa’s growing elite has added approximately 19,000 new millionaires over the past decade, with total private wealth totaling approximately $2.3 trillion United States Dollars. An easy way for investors to invest in Africa’s growth is by purchasing the iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (exchange traded fund) through a stock broker such as Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

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The iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (exchange traded fund) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol “EZA” and gives investors exposure to large and mid-sized companies that are located in South Africa. The iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (exchange traded fund) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of South African companies that can benefit from Africa’s expected phenomenal growth during the next few decades.

The five wealthiest cities in Africa are located in three countries:

1. Johannesburg, South Africa ($276 billion)
Founded in the Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886, South Africa’s City of Gold is a hub for financial services, professional services (law firms and consultancies), construction, telecommunications, and basic materials.

2. Cape Town, South Africa ($155 billion)
One of South Africa’s three capital cities, Cape Town’s major sectors include real estate, financial services, retail, and tourism. Cape Town has the highest prime residential rates on the continent at US$6,100 per square meter, similar to cities such as Washington, D.C., or Berlin.

3. Cairo, Egypt ($140 billion)
A hub for Africa and the Middle East, Cairo’s major sectors include real estate, construction, financial services, and basic materials.

4. Lagos, Nigeria ($108 billion)
The clearing house for 80% of Nigeria’s imports, major sectors include basic materials, real estate, construction, telecommunications, transport, and financial services.

5. Durban, South Africa ($55 billion)
Home to the biggest shopping center in Africa – complete with 350 stores, 70 restaurants, 18 movie theaters, an IMAX theater, an indoor climbing wall, and a skate park designed by Tony Hawk – Durban’s major sectors include real estate, finance, healthcare, construction, retail, and transport.

How To Purchase Land (Real Estate) Online The Easy Way | How To Easily Purchase Land On The Internet

This guide produced by ZARZAR LAND, one of eBay’s most prominent land sellers, is to provide information for people inquiring about purchasing land via the Internet. The information is displayed in a user friendly lay-out and the purchasing process instructions have been condensed into 3 easy steps. Take a look!

Step: 1 “What is it you’re looking for?”
There are several land sellers that sell property with buildings already on it, some land sellers sell undeveloped property that you may or may not be able to build on. Be sure that you read every word of the listing carefully. Top land sellers should be able to provide you with an eclectic amount of properties from various states throughout the nation. ZARZAR LAND sells properties in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Michigan and Florida to assure that they are providing their clients with choices so they may purchase a property that satisfies their needs.

How do I know that they really are selling me land and it is not just a gimmick?

True land sellers should be able to provide you with a parcel map. Some land sellers refer to parcel maps as “plat maps”. These are plotted maps that show where the property is located by using the unit, track, block and lot number. It is legal proof that the property does exist. Most properties should have an APN (assessor’s parcel number) ATN (assessor’s tax number) or Legal Description which is used to describe where property is located using directions. For example: NW ¼ of SE ¼ Section 5 Blk 3 Unit 1. This is used until the property is assigned an APN or ATN number. Keep in mind that if properties are being sold for a cheap price it is probable that the company has not visited this property and it should be stated on the listing. Be sure to read all disclaimers, because if you purchase the property without fully reading the listing and conducting your own research you could end up unsatisfied. Reputable sellers should provide disclaimers on their listing to make sure the client does not have any surprises after they purchase the property. As you can see, top eBay land sellers such as ZARZAR LAND have several disclaimers because they are honest with their clients up front. You can decipher a top land seller by viewing the land sellers who are placed at the top of the eBay land category acquisitions page. Purchasing property is a great investment and you want to make sure to take every precaution when doing so.

How do I know if I can build on this land? Are there utilities, road access, etc?

Conducting your own research guarantees that you will be completely sure of the correct answer. Regulations regarding properties tend to change, so the county will be able to provide you with the most updated information. Simply call the countys assessor’s office which you can search through an Internet search engine or you may contact the seller and they should have some contact information for that county. Contact the county where the property is located and provide them with the ATN/APN or Legal Description so they may provide you with all of the updated limitations and information regarding that specific property.

Step 2: Bidding
This is the second step because you should not bid on a property unless you know you want to purchase it. This is a system land acquisition companies use to make the purchase process a little more competitive. Clients enter bids on a particular property, but other potential clients may want that same property and enter in a higher counter bid. The winning bidder at the end of auction is the one who receives the property. It is important to note that the winning bid amount may have a minimum requirement of anywhere from $1, $100 or a hidden reserve price that only the seller has knowledge of. So make sure your bid meets those requirements if they exist.

Types of Auctions:
1. Normal
2. Straight Sale

A Normal auction is when the winning bid amount is the down payment price which is then subtracted from the total price of the property. ZARZAR LAND uses this method for most of their auctions because it allows people to purchase properties at low initial costs and then continue to make low monthly payments until the property is fully paid for. Legitimate land acquisition companies should state on their listings that client is only bidding on the down payment. ZARZAR LAND does this because they do not wish to trick their clients in any way.

A Straight Sale auction is when the client is bidding on the full price of the property. This means that there will not be any monthly payments involved, but perhaps some flat fees such as a $199 closing fee or other applied flat fees. This is a very fast method of purchasing property because you pay for the entire property all in one payment and then the transfer of ownership is expedited. Most sellers will have the phrase “straight sale” stated in their listing somewhere to make the client aware of the type of auction they are bidding on. ZARZAR LAND states the straight sale in the title of their listings to fully inform their clients.

Step 3: Purchasing
This is the last step to finalizing your property. Large Corporations will accept several types of payments. ZARZAR LAND accepts land payments through PayPal (an online payment service), personal check, corporate check, e-check, cashier’s check, money order, credit card (as long as they under $3,000), over the phone payment, electronic wire transfer payment and other payments in foreign currency are also accepted.

Some companies will offer discounts if the client pays in full within 30 days from the end of auction. ZARZAR LAND offers a 15% discount on the total price of the property as long as the payment is received within 30 days from the end of auction.

California Land Sales | Land For Sale In California

Below you will find the latest California land auctions and California land for sale. ZARZAR LAND carries the latest California land properties for sale based on investor interest and our California land listings are updated in real time from the leading California land sources from the ZARZAR LAND network. If you are looking for the latest California land auctions, California land sales, and California land for sale, then you have come to the right place right here on ZARZAR LAND – the Internet’s #1 land auction seller!

There is a saying that the secret to becoming extremely wealthy is to find out where people are going, getting there first, and buying land, for land is the basis of all wealth!

Acquiring quality Real Estate will soon be beyond the reach of most Americans as the population continues to increase. Furthermore, with extremely beautiful weather and thousands of recreational and entertainment activities, investing in California land can be considered an excellent investment for generations to come!

Furthermore, with Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, and an endless variety of beautiful beaches, California land is becoming a favorite investment for long term investors! As the world’s 6th largest economy (it recently passed France), California is the place to be in the investment world!

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The Place For Land!

Colorado Land Sales | Land For Sale In Colorado

Below you will find the latest Colorado land auctions and Colorado land for sale. ZARZAR LAND carries the latest Colorado land properties for sale based on investor interest and our Colorado land listings are updated in real time from the leading Colorado land sources from the ZARZAR LAND network. If you are looking for the latest Colorado land auctions, Colorado land sales, and Colorado land for sale, then you have come to the right place right here on ZARZAR LAND – the Internet’s #1 land auction seller!