Inside Supermodel & Famous Fashion Model Cara Delevingne’s Jungle Themed Los Angeles Home

Above: Inside Supermodel & Famous Fashion Model Cara Delevingne’s Jungle Themed Los Angeles Home.

Cara and Poppy Delevingne take us on a tour of their jungle themed Los Angeles home in southern California. Their vibrant house features a custom nautical bar fitted with a beer tap, a silver and copper toilet and a vintage Playboy pinball machine.

For the stylish sisters, living large in Los Angeles means keeping it all in the family and like a fairy tale: two gorgeous sisters from London, both high profile models and actresses descended from British aristocracy, decide to set up house together in sunny Los Angeles southern California; they decorate their alluring stateside hideaway home with a Playboy pinball machine, a nautical bar straight out of Gilligan’s Island, and a stripper pole; margaritas flow freely; high jinks ensue. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Poppy and Cara Delevingne’s intoxicating California home, which much like the sisters themselves, offers an object lesson in idiosyncratic personal style leavened with sauciness and humor.

“L.A. can be a lonely place. You really have to make an effort to reach out to people. Since one of us was always coming here for one reason or another, being with family just made sense,” Cara Delevingne says of the unconventional sororal living situation. “This was the chance to build our dream sister house. Miraculously, we’re still talking,” Poppy Delevingne adds, presumably including her husband, British aviation executive James Cook.

“The fact that they share a house at this point in their lives is incredibly telling. They really are best buds,” observes architect Nicolò Bini of L.A.–based Line Architecture, who worked closely with the Delevingnes to bring their L.A. fantasy to life. The setting for the sisters’ family frolic is a gracious but unpretentious 1950’s dwelling, centrally located yet discreetly tucked away on a quiet street, and conveniently outfitted with a pair of master suites on different floors and with two separate entrances. “I wanted to create a true L.A. moment for them, with nods to California midcentury modern, Laurel Canyon bohemia, Beverly Hills swank, surfing culture, and a little Mexico,” Bini continues. “Then we tied all that in with Cara and Poppy’s Englishness to give the house another layer of Delevingne charm.”

New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

Join supermodel and famous fashion model Martha Hunt with her updated 2019 New York City apartment tour, showing the first phase of apartment renovations and interior design: closets, wall demolition, shelves, new furniture – basically 5 months of apartment renovations and apartment redesign in beautiful New York City.

Wilson, North Carolina native Martha Hunt was discovered at a model search in nearby Charlotte. Her big break arrived swiftly during the Spring 2013 collections season after she walked in runway shows for Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Tom Ford. Inez & Vinoodh photographed Hunt for a series of Miu Miu campaigns after she appeared in the Italian design company’s show in Paris, and again for an issue of V Magazine.

Perhaps best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Hunt has appeared in the company’s annual runway show, as well as countless print and television advertisements for the intimate apparel behemoth. Hunt has also fronted campaigns for Hugo Boss, Y3, Max & Co., and Albion Cosmetics, photographed by Glen Luchford, Alasdair McLellan, Josh Ollins, and Mario Testino, respectively.

Hunt has graced the covers of the international editions of L’Officiel, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, and appeared in editorial features for the aforementioned, styled by Carine Roitfeld, among others. She has also appeared in Glamour, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Off-duty, Hunt is an avid supporter of Duke’s Children’s Hospital. She also enjoys listening to music, practicing yoga, and spending time with her pet dog named Bear. Hunt is a budding writer, though she admits to thinking that ‘y’all’ was a real contraction.

Above: New York City Apartment Renovation & Apartment Redesign With Famous Supermodel Martha Hunt.

The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019

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Above: The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019.

The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2019

With the current stock market bull run reaching nearly 10 years in length, it’s understandable that many investors are nervous about the end of the party coming sooner than later. However, as UBS notes in its latest report, there is also growing concern about another prominent bubble that has been in the works since the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Large amounts of easy money have fueled real estate bubbles in the world’s major cities, and the Swiss investment bank UBS now sees the property markets in six global cities as being at risk.

The Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In The World.
The Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In The World.

Hong Kong tops the “Real Estate Bubble” index this year. Any city with a score over 1.5 is considered at “Bubble Risk”, and right now those include two cities from Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), one from Asia (Hong Kong), and three from Europe (Amsterdam, London, and Munich in Germany). It is also very important to note that there are four cities that score just under the 1.5 real estate bubble threshold: Stockholm, Paris, San Francisco in California, and Frankfurt in Germany.

Above: The Most Expensive Real Estate In The United States: San Francisco Or New York?

Whether it is a real estate housing bubble or not, many real estate investors agree that San Francisco’s housing situation is still a crisis. In the San Francisco Bay Area, approximately 60% of all rental units are in rental controlled buildings, and the median single family house price is an incredible $1.7 million United States Dollars.


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